Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Skipping Meals to Lose Weight - Does it Really Work?

Are you skipping meals to lose weight? Let me tell you a little secret. Most of the trim and fit people you know don’t skip meals. In fact, they eat more often than you do! How do they do this? Well first, let’s talk about the whole concept of skipping meals for weight loss.

So how do these fit people do it? How do they manage to eat five times every day and still maintain excellent physiques? You see, the secret here is not how often but how much. Some people actually eat more at lunch thinking that since they’re skipping dinner, it’s going to be OK. Not true. In fact, with this set up, you could be letting yourself in for more calories than you want.

You see, the body is constantly grinding and converting food into usable energy. Even while not doing physical activity, there is the presence of resting metabolic rate (RMR) which basically translates to the amount of energy expended even when a person is at rest. Once you stop feeding it, the body reacts by slowing down metabolism, pretty much like hibernation. Hence, starving yourself doesn’t really contribute to a healthy weight loss method.

So what do you do? Here I’ll reveal the trick where you can eat five times a day and still lose weight. As I said, it’s the quantity of the food that matters, thus meaning that you have to start portion control. Lower the amount of food you eat for each meal. Halve your usual rations and start reducing it until you get just the right amount of minerals and nutrients required for your every day energy needs.

For snacks, you get to eat something light like crackers or fruits. Don’t go for anything processed since even if they come in small packages, you’ll find that the calorie content is actually more than the required amounts.
With constant food consumption, your body would get the food that it needs to keep running without getting more than it should. The chances to create fat would be reduced to zero, hence you’ll find yourself actually stopping weight gain. When you partner this method with a routine exercise, then you will not only stop weight gain but would also initiate weight loss.

So what it boils down to is that you don’t have to skip meals in order to lose weight. Now if you find that you are not really the type of person who likes breakfast, then let me inform you that there is no way around it. Start getting regular breakfast every day even if it means just a protein shake. Breakfast is actually the most important of all the three major meals because it breaks your fast. This means the meal is the one that kick starts metabolism after it has slowed down during sleep.

Start burning calories the healthy way. If you notice, all tips given in this article are natural. You don’t need pills to stay healthy, just a bit of willpower and a few changes in your lifestyle.
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