Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make to Lose Weight

As with anything in this world, there are dos and don’ts for weight loss - rules that are based on facts and not myths. The biggest and most obvious mistake you can commit is to starve yourself.

The more you smoke, the more you get to lose weight.
Non-smokers will probably find this impossible to believe, but it’s true. A lot of smokers do actually believe that their preference for or addiction to nicotine helps them to lose weight. And to a certain extent, their beliefs do have scientific basis. Nicotine does have the ability to suppress one’s appetite. Not only that, it can also help increase your metabolism and consequently burn an additional 200 calories each day.

But at what cost?

Those four words sum it all. The long-term effects of smoking are all negative and too serious to even consider risking. Even those who aren’t yet chronic or chain smokers already suffer from drastically higher chances of contracting various kinds of heart disorders and other diseases.

Smoking also puts your loved ones at risk – especially those that live with you. Numerous studies have shown that the effects of secondhand smoking are far worse than those experienced by actual smokers. Are you willing to risk all these for the sake of burning calories – calories which you can right away burn with just a thirty-minute workout!

More sleep is equal to more weight gained.
Again, that’s absolutely untrue and numerous scientific research studies can easily prove this. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

Sleep is vital to your health. When you have enough sleep – a minimum of seven to eight hours is best – your brain operates at full power, thus negating the need to consume food for energy building. But if you lack sleep, your brain can easily mistake your body’s need for sleep as a need for food.

Weight loss, however, is not the only benefit of having sufficient sleep each night. Besides the fact that you don’t get to suffer from dark bags under your eyes, you also get to enjoy better-looking skin and lower health risks overall.

Throwing up is frowned upon but not dangerous.
But it is! It could start with rare and unrelated incidents, the times that you simply ate too much, felt unbelievably bad about it, and so you decided to throw up. But these rare incidents can easily become something that happens more frequently until it’s a habit.

Bulimia can kill. But it’s not the only thing you have to worry about. There are minor effects such as gum disease and rotten teeth. On the more serious side, purging can also lead to heart failure and, yes, death as well.
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