Saturday, September 4, 2010

Losing Weight at the Gym or Weight Loss at Home

Are you thinking whether you should join a gym or just aim for weight loss at the comfort of your own home? If you are still torn between the two choices, then read on and find out what separates the two.

Quality of Exercises

At the Gym: You get the full complement of equipments and machinery for maximum effect. Although you also have the option of getting simple equipments for your home exercises, nothing quite beats the high end materials found at the gym.

At Home: When burning calories at home, you get the option of working with the help of simple and affordable exercise equipments or just getting yourself a mat and moving to the beat of an exercise video. Unless you have the money to spare for high end equipments, these materials would not really match the gym in terms of intensity.


At the Gym: There are people employed by the gym milling about to help you whenever you are having problems with a particular movement. Even better, they will correct any wrong movements you make and therefore prevent you from injuring yourself as much as possible.

At Home: With no one to watch over you, home exercises are more likely to result in injuries. This is especially true if you are trying to take in more than you can actually handle.


At the Gym: The rule is first come first serve. Hence, if someone gets to the equipment first, then you have no choice but to wait or go to another equipment. This can be very detrimental especially if you are operating on a schedule or if a lot of people are using the gym at the same time you are. Hence, chances are you might spend more time waiting than burning calories. Also, unless you have twenty four hour gym, it could really be hard to squeeze a visit on top of a hectic schedule.

At Home: Everything is yours all the time. Although you may not have the same high end equipments, you can still start burning calories without any delay at the comfort of your own home. Just lay a mat on a convenient sized space, pop in a exercise video and you’re ready to go.


At the Gym: Gyms usually mean monthly payments to maintain membership. Hence, they can be pretty expensive but if you utilize the facilities as often as possible, then they can be well worth it.

At Home: Depending on your equipments, exercising at home is definitely cheaper than at a gym.


So what loses weight better? The truth is that both are capable of allowing someone to lose weight at the same rate. Usually, how much you lose would depend on how dedicated you are to the whole program. However, if you have the money to spare as well as enough time to spare it, then I would recommend for you to choose a Gym. For those who are operating under tight schedules, a home exercise routine would be best for you.
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