Sunday, September 5, 2010

Top Fast Food Meals You Should Avoid

To make it blunt, fast foods make you fat. As much as anyone would try to resist, it is hard to say no to fast food. It is the unhealthiest food that is ever created. As a matter of fact, people who indulge in fast food have lesser chance of burning calories off and have bigger chance of developing cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes.

You might wonder as to why fast food makes you fat. First, it contains lots of calories as well as sodium content. Not only that, they have no nutrients to help you nourish your body. They only have added chemicals and preservatives. Here are some top fast foods that you might want to avoid.

Triple Whooper with Cheese from Burger King. This food is the ideal example of a greasy fast food. Yes, looking at the Whooper may increase your salivation and give you the urge to order one for yourself. That is how tempting a Whooper is. However, it contains as well a whooping 760 calories in total. It contains 47 grams of fat of which 16 grams are saturated fat. This saturated fat is not the kind of fat you want to mess with because it can give you a coronary heart disease.

McDonald’s Deluxe Breakfast. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you are taking your breakfast at McDonalds and order yourself a deluxe breakfast then forget about what people said. Eating that deluxe Breakfast would be good as nothing. It contains full of preservatives like the sausage in it. Also, there are eggs and pancakes that are smothered with too much butter. It even includes a biscuit and a couple of hash browns. This breakfast meal has enough calories that you are required in a day. Eating the other meals would exceed your recommended calorie intake if you eat this breakfast meal.

Triple Baconator Value Meal. The triple Baconator value meal from Wendy’s is packed with so much fat, sodium and bad carbs. It is enough to clog up your arteries. Get a hold of this; the triple Baconator contains 3 burger patties, nine stripes of bacon and 3 slices of cheese. This meal is paired with a small-sized soda and some fries. All in all, the total calories for the triple Baconator value meal will amount to 1,859 calories. The amount of calories can equate to three full healthy meals.
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