Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top Exercises that would make you Sweat

Have you tried doing a particular exercise routine only to finish without breaking a single sweat? It’s probably because you are not exerting enough energy to start burning calories. Although physical activity is a guaranteed way to let you expend some energy, it is often not enough if you don’t start sweating. This is especially true if you are trying to lose weight rather than maintain what you already have. In order to start burning calories off your body, the heart rate must reach a point that would trigger your body to sweat. Plus, sweating is also a form of detoxification, letting the toxins out through the water before consuming more again for replenishment purposes.

For most people, sweat is an indicator that they are actually performing exercises. The more water they release through their skin, the better they feel about the whole workout. That being said, if you are suddenly finding that your routine isn’t really doing anything for you, then here are some of the top workouts that would make you sweat.

Squat Thrusts
This is one tough exercise routine. First, stand straight with your hands on your side and your feet spaced about the same length as your shoulders. Now, slowly bend and plant your hands firmly on the floor while slightly making a jump that would push your feet backwards. Your body should form a diagonal line from your shoulders to your feet. Now jump back up and then straighten your body to come back to the original standing position. You should be able to perform about two sets of this exercise with twelve repetitions each. Of course, if you can’t reach the number just yet, then be content with the amount you can do and just add a few more each time. Don’t be surprised if your body starts to protest like crazy after doing this routine because it really is tough work. As a result, you will start to fee moisture building by the tenth count. Unlike other exercises, your goal here is quantity. Make as many as you can in as little time as possible.

Mountains Climber
Get on the floor at all fours with your feet firmly planted on the floor and not the knees. The distance between your hands and the feet should be pretty close as if you were climbing something steep. Now, in one smooth jump, push your left food backwards while propelling your right one forward. Another jump and your right food would be the one moving forward and the left one moving backwards. Make sure that your hands are extended and firmly planted on the floor while doing these movements. Do about 12 repetitions for two sets or as much as you can for starters. Like the squat thrusts exercise, your aim here is speed.

Of course, you can also insert a bit of old fashioned cardiovascular exercises here like running, sprinting, jumping jacks or jump ropes. Don’t be surprised if your body starts to hurt after the routine. It is only natural since the body needs pressure in order to start sweating and therefore burning calories.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Habits Preventing you from Losing Weight

Are you on a mission to get in shape but for some inexplicable reason, it just doesn’t seem to work or is in fact getting worse each time you weigh yourself? You might be stuck in a vicious cycle where everything you do to lose weight is countermanded by small cheats and slips that eventually make the situation worse. You might not recognize it, but here are some habits that are preventing you from burning calories from your body.

Drinking Your Favorite Coffee, Juice or Bottled Drinks
No, these are not just liquid drinks that your body can easily dispense. Most of the commercial drinks today contain a large amount of calories, preservatives and additives that could ruin your whole weight loss plan. Instead, stick to water and nothing else. It’s exactly what the body needs to flush out toxins as well as keep remove all the water weight from your body.
“Just One Bite Won’t Hurt” Excuses
One bite or one piece of your favorite chocolate won’t hurt, but it won’t help either. The fact is that it’s not a crime to let yourself eat one piece of forbidden food, if it stops there. What we are trying to prevent here are the consumption of “triggers” that make you crave more. After the promised “one bite” you’ll find yourself eating one more and another “one last piece” until you’re diet is totally blown.

Skipping Breakfast
There’s a reason why we say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides the groundwork for all the energy you need until noon. Plus, skipping breakfast usually leads to a hungry feeling by the time ten o’clock comes in. Hence, you’ll be eating something you’re not supposed to eat followed by another hefty portion of lunch by noon. You won’t be able to help it because you’re hungry, resulting to a cycle that would be pretty hard to break. Hence, wake up early and take the time to make breakfast. One filling meal at the end of the day will prevent you from stuffing down processed food for the next 12 hours.

Eating When you Can
It’s a sad fact that the limited time we have for ourselves is one of the reasons why health concerns are often forgotten. Nowadays, you’ll find yourself catching a snack on your car, on your desk or in front of the TV, all in the name of saving time. For this reason, you’ll find yourself paying less attention to what you eat and more attention on what you’re going to do after you eat. Chances are, you’ll be eating more than you’re supposed to. Learn to set aside a specific time wherein you can pay attention to your food.

Of course, most of these habits mostly pertain to your diet. You can also start analyzing your physical activities that prevent you from losing weight. For example, you might want to stop taking the elevator and start using the stairs to promote burning calories.

Walking to work is also another option especially if the distance is not that far. I suggest that you analyze your habits and point out the ones that prevent you from getting physical activity and then look for healthy alternatives for it. The same should go for your favorite fattening snacks or unwise meal decisions.

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Benefits of Water And How It Helps You To Lose Weight

Water is one of the most important yet often the most overlooked element when it comes to weight loss. People who want to stay in shape usually focus on burning calories rather than keeping the body well-oiled by drinking fluids. Others make the mistake of opting for energy drinks or other processed liquids to quench their thirst. However, the fact is that nothing replaces water and you shouldn’t let yourself be fooled by seemingly convincing advertisements. Unlike water, bottled fluid contains additives that only add to the calories you have to lose. Following are some of the benefits of water pertaining to weight loss as well as others you might not yet know about.

It Helps you Lose Fat - As mentioned before, water helps you lose fat by removing all the toxins stuck in your body as well as flushing out water weight. One thing you should know is that the large intestine (the one that transports waste material) collects small by-products of digestion on its walls. Imagine a pipe that is slowly being invaded by rust from the inside. These buildups add to your weight as well as being detrimental to the digestive process. Water works as a “cleaner” that passes through these walls and removes the clinging toxins on your walls, hence improving the quality of your large intestine while at the same time, making you lose a few pounds. Also, drinking water prior to eating usually fills up the stomach, thereby prompting you to eat less.
It Regulates Blood Flow Water - is one way of keeping your blood moving at a steady and secure pace. This then leads to extra energy, letting you work better, think well and generally function more efficiently than you used to. The same thing goes for exercises, providing you more stamina to last through what would have been a hard routine.

It is Said to Prevent Some Diseases - Yup, you’ve read right. A popular treatment method called Water Therapy has been and is still being used today. It basically revolves on drinking specific amounts of water on specific times each day in order to prevent or treat some diseases like asthma, breast cancer or kidney stones. Water therapy usually starts off by drinking around six glasses of water the minute you wake up. You can then brush your teeth and avoid drinking another glass for one hour after brushing. After that, you can start drinking as much water as you like until you reach the necessary amount of glasses each day, give or take a few. Of course, make sure to ask your doctor first whether this method will work for you. Although no scientific evidence have surfaced supporting this therapy method, it is obvious that drinking proper amounts of water improves a person’s body functions.

Sufficient amounts of water in the body are also attributed to healthy and glowing skin, making a person look younger than they actually are. Whether it’s warm or cold, water is definitely one of life’s best tools for healthier living.

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Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Are looking for tried and tested techniques to lose weight and finally keep it off? If you are willing to exercise with moderation and patience, then these three techniques detailed below will help you lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life.

Drinking Lots of Water. Probably you have heard that for optimum health, people should drink 8 glasses of water a day. But when it comes to losing your weight, water is an important thing you can have at your side at all times. In other terms, water has the power to regulate cravings. When people have cravings, they feel dehydration's side effects, not lack on food. But a lot of people do not know this, thus they respond through adding more food on their systems.

More than anything else, what the body really wants is to become hydrated. Give the body what it really wants and soon you will feel satisfied than ever.

Using of Portion Control. Portion control is the best technique to be used by anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off. A lot of people tend to overeat regularly.

Take me as an example. I used to eat several slices of pizza in just a single sitting. I was eating too much at every meal. The problem was not what kind of food I was eating but how much I ate. Then I found out that when I limited myself to a single slice of pizza, I felt good. And so I continued this and it has paid incredible dividends.

In addition, skip the sides and the extras as well as the appetizers.But if you have sides, just eat a smaller amount of it.

Take Your Time While Eating. In addition to overeating, a lot of people tend to eat quickly. They would go back for seconds before they give their bodies a time to register their first meal. They let their body fool themselves into believing that they are still hungry. As a consequence, they may continue to eat more and gain weight more.

The best thing to do here is to start portioning off the meals. Have at least a few minutes to let the first half of the meal digest to avoid overeating.

Do this a lot of times and sooner you will become amaze at how much your hunger will drop. Then this will result in eating less. On the next meal you will have, you will be able to stop the tendency to overeat, which is a crucial hindrance to lose weight and keep it off.

Hopefully, with these tried and tested techniques, you will be able to burn calories easily and loss weight.
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

10 Tips for a Successful Weight Loss Program

Have you tried to lose weight, but it feels that you are getting nowhere? You become frustrated and think that you have no other options to turn to to burn your calories. But good news, here are 10 tips you probably need to become aware of, which you have not tried at all. Actually, these tips would help you to become successful in your weight loss program.

Water. A proper weight loss program should be started through drinking plenty of water. A person undergoing a diet needs to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. This water will keep you detoxified and hydrated.

Proper Meal. Have at least five meals a day. This consists of three large meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and two small calorie snacks (mid morning, early evening). With this, your metabolism will become great. Also, remember to do not skip meals. If you are skipping your meals, this will cause your metabolism to become off balance.

Exercise. When you try to lose weight, regular exercise is important. Regular exercise will not only increase your metabolism but also increase your fitness levels. Try to do things like bike riding, brisk walk or jogging as they are good for the heart. You can opt to weight training as this will help you build up both your muscle and endurance.

10 Easy Tips to Burn Calories With Little Effort

Mental Workouts. Another key to your weight loss program is mental workouts. Things such as meditation and yoga will help to lower stress stress, improves concentration and allow you to experience mental relaxation. Remember that if physical and mental exercises are properly combined, it will result to a healthy physical and personality.

Eating. As a whole, it is much healthier for you if you are eat than drink. Many people believe in an all liquid diet, but believe it or not, it is not good. Basically, all you are taking in are purely sugar.

Portion Size. Portion sizes should be taken into consideration for they are a useful step to proper weight loss.

Food Labels. Paying attention to all food labels are important. In doing this, you need to compare the calorie intake as well as the healthiness of the food.

Sleep. Another essential key that you need to consider to proper weight loss is a good night sleep. Make sure that everyday, you go to bed and get up at the same time.

Low Fat and Sugar. It is important that you make sure that you choose the food which are low both in sugar and fat.

Daily Journal or Diary. Record all the food that you take in your journal or diary to keep track of the calories you have consumed for the day. In doing this, you can plan your next meal more effectively.

As you can notice, there's still hope for your plan of losing weight. All you need to do is to follow the given steps, and in no time you will lose weight.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

A Gym Workout or a Home Workout: Which is Better?

People who would like to get fit through workout have two options: to avail of a gym membership, or to workout at home using books, videos and their home fitness equipment.

Each of these options has their benefits and disadvantages. Let us compare the pros and cons of working out in a gym to working out at home.

Gym Workout


A wide variety of fitness programs to choose from - Most gyms and fitness centers hold a number of fitness programs to fit the needs of their clients. Some have different yoga classes, dance classes, capoeira, in addition to the usual gym training

You will be assigned an instructor who can tailor fit a program for you - Having a fitness instructor who understands your needs will help you move closer to your goal of achieving your desired weight.

You may also consult other in-house health experts - Fitness centers have diet specialists who will also advise you on the right diet that matches your chosen fitness program.


Expensive - Enrolling in a gym will cost you a one-time membership fee. In addition to that, you will need to pay for every session.

You will need to follow a schedule - When you enroll in a class, you will be required to attend that schedule. This means you
will need to adjust according to the available schedules.

You will have to share the equipment and the area with other people - Sometimes you will have to wait for someone to finish with the equipment before you can use it.

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You have to strictly wear proper workout clothes - For safety purposes and as a courtesy to fellow clients, you will need to wear proper attire.

Home Workout


Inexpensive - All you need is your workout clothes (even old shirts will do), a training video and a small space at home.

You work at your own pace - You can choose when to workout.


Limited choice of programs - The programs that you choose from are those that you see on tv or read on the Internet.
You can’t really be sure which fits you.

No one is encouraging you - Since you work at your own pace and since you did not spend much on the training, you might have that urge to postpone training for whatever reason. That means you might end up not working out for a long, long time.

Choosing between a gym working and a home workout will depend on the person’s money, lifestyle and attitude.

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