Friday, August 6, 2010

A Gym Workout or a Home Workout: Which is Better?

People who would like to get fit through workout have two options: to avail of a gym membership, or to workout at home using books, videos and their home fitness equipment.

Each of these options has their benefits and disadvantages. Let us compare the pros and cons of working out in a gym to working out at home.

Gym Workout


A wide variety of fitness programs to choose from - Most gyms and fitness centers hold a number of fitness programs to fit the needs of their clients. Some have different yoga classes, dance classes, capoeira, in addition to the usual gym training

You will be assigned an instructor who can tailor fit a program for you - Having a fitness instructor who understands your needs will help you move closer to your goal of achieving your desired weight.

You may also consult other in-house health experts - Fitness centers have diet specialists who will also advise you on the right diet that matches your chosen fitness program.


Expensive - Enrolling in a gym will cost you a one-time membership fee. In addition to that, you will need to pay for every session.

You will need to follow a schedule - When you enroll in a class, you will be required to attend that schedule. This means you
will need to adjust according to the available schedules.

You will have to share the equipment and the area with other people - Sometimes you will have to wait for someone to finish with the equipment before you can use it.

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You have to strictly wear proper workout clothes - For safety purposes and as a courtesy to fellow clients, you will need to wear proper attire.

Home Workout


Inexpensive - All you need is your workout clothes (even old shirts will do), a training video and a small space at home.

You work at your own pace - You can choose when to workout.


Limited choice of programs - The programs that you choose from are those that you see on tv or read on the Internet.
You can’t really be sure which fits you.

No one is encouraging you - Since you work at your own pace and since you did not spend much on the training, you might have that urge to postpone training for whatever reason. That means you might end up not working out for a long, long time.

Choosing between a gym working and a home workout will depend on the person’s money, lifestyle and attitude.

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