Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Benefits of Water And How It Helps You To Lose Weight

Water is one of the most important yet often the most overlooked element when it comes to weight loss. People who want to stay in shape usually focus on burning calories rather than keeping the body well-oiled by drinking fluids. Others make the mistake of opting for energy drinks or other processed liquids to quench their thirst. However, the fact is that nothing replaces water and you shouldn’t let yourself be fooled by seemingly convincing advertisements. Unlike water, bottled fluid contains additives that only add to the calories you have to lose. Following are some of the benefits of water pertaining to weight loss as well as others you might not yet know about.

It Helps you Lose Fat - As mentioned before, water helps you lose fat by removing all the toxins stuck in your body as well as flushing out water weight. One thing you should know is that the large intestine (the one that transports waste material) collects small by-products of digestion on its walls. Imagine a pipe that is slowly being invaded by rust from the inside. These buildups add to your weight as well as being detrimental to the digestive process. Water works as a “cleaner” that passes through these walls and removes the clinging toxins on your walls, hence improving the quality of your large intestine while at the same time, making you lose a few pounds. Also, drinking water prior to eating usually fills up the stomach, thereby prompting you to eat less.
It Regulates Blood Flow Water - is one way of keeping your blood moving at a steady and secure pace. This then leads to extra energy, letting you work better, think well and generally function more efficiently than you used to. The same thing goes for exercises, providing you more stamina to last through what would have been a hard routine.

It is Said to Prevent Some Diseases - Yup, you’ve read right. A popular treatment method called Water Therapy has been and is still being used today. It basically revolves on drinking specific amounts of water on specific times each day in order to prevent or treat some diseases like asthma, breast cancer or kidney stones. Water therapy usually starts off by drinking around six glasses of water the minute you wake up. You can then brush your teeth and avoid drinking another glass for one hour after brushing. After that, you can start drinking as much water as you like until you reach the necessary amount of glasses each day, give or take a few. Of course, make sure to ask your doctor first whether this method will work for you. Although no scientific evidence have surfaced supporting this therapy method, it is obvious that drinking proper amounts of water improves a person’s body functions.

Sufficient amounts of water in the body are also attributed to healthy and glowing skin, making a person look younger than they actually are. Whether it’s warm or cold, water is definitely one of life’s best tools for healthier living.

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