Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top Exercises that would make you Sweat

Have you tried doing a particular exercise routine only to finish without breaking a single sweat? It’s probably because you are not exerting enough energy to start burning calories. Although physical activity is a guaranteed way to let you expend some energy, it is often not enough if you don’t start sweating. This is especially true if you are trying to lose weight rather than maintain what you already have. In order to start burning calories off your body, the heart rate must reach a point that would trigger your body to sweat. Plus, sweating is also a form of detoxification, letting the toxins out through the water before consuming more again for replenishment purposes.

For most people, sweat is an indicator that they are actually performing exercises. The more water they release through their skin, the better they feel about the whole workout. That being said, if you are suddenly finding that your routine isn’t really doing anything for you, then here are some of the top workouts that would make you sweat.

Squat Thrusts
This is one tough exercise routine. First, stand straight with your hands on your side and your feet spaced about the same length as your shoulders. Now, slowly bend and plant your hands firmly on the floor while slightly making a jump that would push your feet backwards. Your body should form a diagonal line from your shoulders to your feet. Now jump back up and then straighten your body to come back to the original standing position. You should be able to perform about two sets of this exercise with twelve repetitions each. Of course, if you can’t reach the number just yet, then be content with the amount you can do and just add a few more each time. Don’t be surprised if your body starts to protest like crazy after doing this routine because it really is tough work. As a result, you will start to fee moisture building by the tenth count. Unlike other exercises, your goal here is quantity. Make as many as you can in as little time as possible.

Mountains Climber
Get on the floor at all fours with your feet firmly planted on the floor and not the knees. The distance between your hands and the feet should be pretty close as if you were climbing something steep. Now, in one smooth jump, push your left food backwards while propelling your right one forward. Another jump and your right food would be the one moving forward and the left one moving backwards. Make sure that your hands are extended and firmly planted on the floor while doing these movements. Do about 12 repetitions for two sets or as much as you can for starters. Like the squat thrusts exercise, your aim here is speed.

Of course, you can also insert a bit of old fashioned cardiovascular exercises here like running, sprinting, jumping jacks or jump ropes. Don’t be surprised if your body starts to hurt after the routine. It is only natural since the body needs pressure in order to start sweating and therefore burning calories.

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