Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Habits Preventing you from Losing Weight

Are you on a mission to get in shape but for some inexplicable reason, it just doesn’t seem to work or is in fact getting worse each time you weigh yourself? You might be stuck in a vicious cycle where everything you do to lose weight is countermanded by small cheats and slips that eventually make the situation worse. You might not recognize it, but here are some habits that are preventing you from burning calories from your body.

Drinking Your Favorite Coffee, Juice or Bottled Drinks
No, these are not just liquid drinks that your body can easily dispense. Most of the commercial drinks today contain a large amount of calories, preservatives and additives that could ruin your whole weight loss plan. Instead, stick to water and nothing else. It’s exactly what the body needs to flush out toxins as well as keep remove all the water weight from your body.
“Just One Bite Won’t Hurt” Excuses
One bite or one piece of your favorite chocolate won’t hurt, but it won’t help either. The fact is that it’s not a crime to let yourself eat one piece of forbidden food, if it stops there. What we are trying to prevent here are the consumption of “triggers” that make you crave more. After the promised “one bite” you’ll find yourself eating one more and another “one last piece” until you’re diet is totally blown.

Skipping Breakfast
There’s a reason why we say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides the groundwork for all the energy you need until noon. Plus, skipping breakfast usually leads to a hungry feeling by the time ten o’clock comes in. Hence, you’ll be eating something you’re not supposed to eat followed by another hefty portion of lunch by noon. You won’t be able to help it because you’re hungry, resulting to a cycle that would be pretty hard to break. Hence, wake up early and take the time to make breakfast. One filling meal at the end of the day will prevent you from stuffing down processed food for the next 12 hours.

Eating When you Can
It’s a sad fact that the limited time we have for ourselves is one of the reasons why health concerns are often forgotten. Nowadays, you’ll find yourself catching a snack on your car, on your desk or in front of the TV, all in the name of saving time. For this reason, you’ll find yourself paying less attention to what you eat and more attention on what you’re going to do after you eat. Chances are, you’ll be eating more than you’re supposed to. Learn to set aside a specific time wherein you can pay attention to your food.

Of course, most of these habits mostly pertain to your diet. You can also start analyzing your physical activities that prevent you from losing weight. For example, you might want to stop taking the elevator and start using the stairs to promote burning calories.

Walking to work is also another option especially if the distance is not that far. I suggest that you analyze your habits and point out the ones that prevent you from getting physical activity and then look for healthy alternatives for it. The same should go for your favorite fattening snacks or unwise meal decisions.

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