Monday, September 13, 2010

Tae Bo as a Weight Loss Workout

If you’re looking for a way to start burning calories for weight loss, then you’ve probably read about Tae Bo. The name stands for Total Awareness Excellent Body Obedience and was designed by Billy Blanks who happens to be an eight time world martial art champion. In Korean, the Tae stand for foot and leg while the Bo stands for the word Box. It’s actually a great cardio exercise for people who are starting to get bored of the usual running, jumping, sprinting or jogging.

Is it effective for weight loss?
Yes, Tae Bo is definitely one of those physical activities that make you sweat like crazy. This is because most of the movements are high intensity and requires strength and power from a person. At the same time, like all martial arts, it affects the mind, allowing a sense of mental clarity for the person practicing the movements.
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The great thing about Tae Bo is that you will be too busy to take note of the movements to actually notice that you are starting to sweat by the buckets. On the average, 45 minutes of Tae Bo workout can make you shed up to 450 pounds off your body.

Tae Bo is a combination of martial arts, stretches, aerobics and concentrated power. While performing the activity, you will find yourself paying attention to various body parts that you do not normally use during the traditional exercise routines. As a result, you will be toning down the whole body in the process.

A very effective cardio workout, one can also say that the Tae Bo way is also a form of strength training. The coordination between the muscles also help develop speed and flexibility with movements that may double as defense mechanisms.

Where can I get it?
Various videos centering on Tae Bo are out in the market. This is probably one of the reasons why so many people are taken with the routine. The chance to start burning calories as your own home is one way to draw in the crowd.

Plus, the exercise can be done by utilizing just a small amount of space and without the need for specialized equipments. Hence, for a high-end exercise routine, Tae Bo can be very cheap to perform.

Why is it effective?
Tae Bo works for the simple reason that it gets you moving. You’ll find yourself huffing and puffing and burning calories like crazy for the first few minutes as a beginner.

Of course, probably one of the best effects of Tae Bo is that it hones your discipline. Like most martial arts, Tae Bo demands a certain level of concentration from a person in order to execute each movement perfectly.

Although some may regard Tae Bo as a fad workout for weight loss, the fact is that it can definitely make a person lose weight. Not only that, but it definitely puts a different twist to the boring cardiovascular workouts of today. Hence, if you are not averse to getting a bit of pain from Tae Bo, you might find yourself sporting a brand new figure with this exercise.
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