Friday, September 10, 2010

The Sleep and Weight Loss Connection

For years now, we have been operating on simple logic when it comes to weight loss. More food brings fat so cut off too much food. Too much fat means exercises in order to start burning calories. Diets have started focusing on what exactly causes weight gain – carbohydrates, calories, fat – and simply cuts off foods that contain this material.

However, the truth is that food and exercise are not the only things that concern weight gain. If this is the case, the constant reminders as well as the multitude of exercise machine and food recipes should have been able to do it long ago. Rather, it is on the factors that we do not focus on that we are slipping when it comes to weight loss.

The Sleeping Connection
In a recent study, it was shown that sleep is actually a driving force for weight loss and weight gain. The lesser amount of sleep one gets the higher are their chances of gaining weight.
How Sleeping Can Affect Our Appetite

Performed under different age groups, the theory proved true for kids and adults alike. Although uncertain of the reason for this sleep and weight loss connection, theories have been made regarding the topic. For one thing, adults today get about six or seven hours to sleep compared to old times when the norm was eight to nine hours.

The idea is that with the lack of sleep a person has plus the emergence of endless electricity, the body is tricked into thinking it is still daylight. More specifically, the body being one hundred percent biological thinks that it is summer. During the old times, summer is the time of plenty, where a person eats more carbohydrates in order to store more fat when famine time comes in. This is still the way the body functions, resulting to fat storage all year long.

Although the logic may sound flimsy for some people, the whole set up actually works as attested by the research mentioned above.

In a more direct approach, sleep is when a person starts to gather back energy for usage the next day. This is the primary time when bodily problems are healed and the other functions start to slow down with the body focusing on more important activities. One more thing is that sleeping actually burns more calories than watching television.

When a person lacks sleep, the amount of energy set up for the next 24 hours is not as big. As a result, the flimsy amount will make a person sluggish and lazy, thereby actually doing less physical activity as they are supposed to. This is especially true when it comes to exercises, which can be very difficult to perform when one has an inadequate amount of sleep.

From what you read, the whole concept of sleeping early in order to facilitate weight loss may not really sink in. However, the benefits of getting the full eight hours of sleep definitely extends to just that. A well rested person is basically more alert and fuller of stamina. In fact, a person alert meter when lacking sleep can be compared to that of a drunken person.
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