Friday, November 26, 2010

Preparing Easy Salads For Weight Loss

If weight loss is a meal, one can’t be successful in it if ingredients aren’t in place. One ingredient of weight loss programs is the salad and calories burned.

Green salads are favorite recommendations for weight watchers because it is easy to prepare, it’s fresh as it should be, a lot of fibers go into it and calorie count is more controllable.

The freshness of salads gives a cooling effect on the body. When heat builds up because of stress from work or exhaustion from routines, salads help the body balance this heat thereby decreasing build up and a proactol review.

Plants are fibrous. These fibers help clean intestine walls. Since the body can’t digest these fibrous, it generally passes through these intestine walls and is excreted by the body.

When these fibers are excreted, toxic substance scraped from the intestine walls go along with it. A lot of fibers help in regular bowel movement. And so, though some people think that all you get from leafy vegetables is water and fiber, the help it does cleaning intestine linings is crucial for a healthy body.

Another nice thing about salads is that you can’t gorge and swallow it all at once. The chewing part in the mouth helps digestion. The mouth is the start of the digestion process.

This is very much a big part in process of food intake thereby helping out the body increase the conversion of food to become available to it.

Salads are made up of two components. The green stuff and the sauce to give it flavor, aroma and taste. Green stuff includes green leafy vegetables such as lettuce and its family, spinach, and cabbages.

Some not so leafy vegetables can also be sumptuous inclusions giving it that chunky activity in salad eating such as turnips, succulent pickles, flavorful bell peppers, juicy tomatoes, cherries and carrots.

These leafy vegetables could be bought at the grocers and kept crisp in the refrigerator. Stock up for a week if you have to so you don’t have any excuses. Vegetables like pumpkins, potatoes, and delicious root crops with lots of carbohydrates can be incorporated into the salad with just enough boiling.

The trick to sustaining the love for salads is the sauce. Different kinds of sauce can suit a whole range of cravings. Bitter, sour, sweet, spicy and salty flavors can be experienced using bottled ready to use salad sauces such as Thousand Island Dressing, French, Honey-lemon, vinaigrettes, mayonnaise based and a whole lot of concoctions.

Fancy salad dressings are nice but if it becomes too much trouble, salt, pepper, olive oil and a dash of lemon will make your salad as delectable. Sprinkle nice herbs for good appetizing measure. Herbs that spark up a salad can be tarragon, basil, peppermint or rosemary. Herbs, fresh or dried are okay.

If one has more items in the cupboard, salads can use additional twist to make salad everyday unique than making it a boring routine.

Sometimes, throw in a few nuts, a few fresh fruits, one boiled egg, or a few pieces of shredded chicken or meat that’s been part of yesterday’s meal. It won’t hurt weight loss programs because these items are just icing on top of the cake. Keeping the salad 80% green and leafy follows the food pyramid.

Throwing in small quantities of different ingredients for salad increases the variety of the meal. Variety is important because vitamins and minerals are taken not from one food but from different food sources.

Since the body doesn’t need a massive dosage of these vitamins, the variety of food that gets into the salad is enough to let you get your daily allowance.

While the salad is an ingredient for weight loss, there are other ingredients such as exercise, sleep, right food choice, diet pills, teas and others.

It’s a matter of getting these items dutifully ready to serve the weight watcher that makes these ingredients truly effective.

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