Monday, November 22, 2010

Cholesterol Spinach and Weight Loss

Did you know that the cartoon character Popeye originally ate another vegetable but because spinach was being promoted as a good calories burned vegetable for kids, they changed Popeye’s favorite energy giving secret to spinach?

Today, people are realizing the cholesterol-lowering property of this herb. The cholesterol spinach is not exactly the spinach as we know it. The spinach as vegetable has bigger leaves. How can I lose weight fast the cholesterol-spinach has smaller leaves and is called with a namesake because it tastes like spinach.

Cholesterol spinach can be used for breakfast as an ingredient for omelet of garnishing for a sandwich. It can be used in salads for lunch or cholesterol spinach for dinner as a side dish for fish viands. One can also just eat a leaf or two, raw on a daily basis just to help the body break down cholesterols.

It is easy to grow the cholesterol-spinach. It propagates through cuttings which means, when it grows from the seed, and you have an adequate bunch, just trim a stem using clean scissors and plant this stem-stalk to a fresh pot with soil. Water the plant everyday and sooner than you think, you’ve got another pot of cholesterol-spinach. Do this propagation again and again and you would have a garden full of this herb. Sooner than you think, you can incorporate this into your weight loss program. You can even share some pots with friends who want to lower their cholesterol levels also.

Keeping cholesterol levels on a normal scale is important since cholesterol in the blood makes the blood thick and hard to flow. Thick blood will not flow normal and would bring blockages to the arteries causing hypertension and heart problems. The usual medication given to persons with this problem are blood thinning drugs to make sure a blockage in the arteries is prevented. Can our food affect our mood imagine arteries as thin as a strand of hair. Imagine blood flow through these arteries and veins. Imagine healthy blood cells under the microscope healthily moving about and having enough area to live and vibrate. With blood thickening these blood cells have difficulty moving because there’s no space for them to move. If they can’t move, how can they do their job as blood cells, supplying oxygen to other organ cells? Clogging these veins must be so painful that’s why when people experience heart attack, they risk contorting the facial muscles.

Overweight persons who accumulate high levels of cholesterol risk heart disease. They have difficulty breathing because their heart needs to pump double time due to the thickening of the blood. With circulation hard up, oxygen cannot reach all destinations in the body and therefore, some organs will tend to compensate and also work double time.

The cholesterol spinach can help break down cholesterol in the body but ultimately, weight loss must happen or else the heart will break down. With weight loss, the amount of cholesterol can decrease. Specifically, eating less animal food will help lose weight since it is the animal food that contains cholesterol that accumulates in the blood if it’s not broken down with proper exercise. Eating more vegetables and fruits will help decrease weight since plants do not have saturated fats that cause bad cholesterol build up.

Maybe it’s queer that Popeye eats his spinach from a can which he opens with his cigar pipe just as Brutus is about to kill him, but still, he is icon to weight watchers who wants to be as strong and as adorable as he is because as he said, “I’m strong to the finish ‘coz I eat me spinach, I’m Popeye the sailorman!”.


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  2. Thanks for that info. It's important to consider eating vegetables like spinach besides taking Supplements.