Friday, November 26, 2010

Joy of Juicing - Lose Weight Naturally

Modern day gadgets aid the modern day homosapien. Although not all gadgets are truly helpful, the juicer is an object of affection especially to the weight watchers.

Juicers come in simple to industrial forms, all shapes and sizes, in all material and color, in different cost and in different style of juicing. But all in all, the objective of a juicer is to calories burned and reduce to liquid form anything that is thrown in it.

The small handy manual juicer came out early in American households. Natural orange juice was instantly available just by slicing an orange in half and squeezing the juicy goodness out with the aide of the manual juicer.

Then came the juicers that were electrically operated. One didn’t have to do the laborious squeezing since the rotation was done by a proactol review and the electrically operated juicer.

With this, juicing a dozen oranges was a breeze and everyone in the family had its daily supply of fresh orange juice including pulpy bits. But it became more high tech.

Today, there are juicer gadgets where one could throw in the whole orange as it is and with just one button, the juice will come out while leaving the orange peel inside. And these gadgets were made considering other fruits and vegetables in mind.

This is the beauty of juicing for people who embark on weight loss. The juicers are handy, quick to work on fruits and vegetables you need. Drinking juice doesn’t take more than five minutes and with the aide of these gadgets, making the juice shouldn’t take more than two minutes out of a hectic schedule.

Anyone can easily buy fruit juice at the supermarket but these are yet processed. It helps to drink fresh fruit.

And there are lots of variations to experiment on when juicing so that your palate doesn’t end up bored with orange day in, day out.

For example, orange juice which is a little bit on the acidic side can be blended with a hint of some fruits that are not acidic such as banana, carrots or cucumber. Apple can be blended with a little bit of herbs such as cinnamon, stevia, and peppermint.

Some would definitely taste great and become instant favorites but other concoctions will become one time thing.

People who want to lose weight can benefit from making their own juice at home. The freshness of the juice helps the body gain necessary fructose, the polysaccharide types.

One can’t make good juice out of a rotting apple because the taste will be bad. And since the tendency is to juice only the freshest ingredients, one is pushed to get fruits and vegetables in season. Frozen fresh in another thing.

Fruits and vegetables made into juice are readily made available to the body because it gets rid of the process of chewing. The effect of the juice can be felt in less than five minutes after it’s been drank.

A surge of energy can be felt right after drinking a glassful. Fruit and vegetable juice helps clean the intestinal track that in turn helps bowel movement to become less of a problem.

Besides the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that one can get from the ingredients one puts into the juicer, drinking juice regularly helps clean out organs such as the kidney and the liver.

Overweight persons need this urgently because overwork on the kidney and liver in terms of processing too much food may lead to organ breakdown.

There is joy in juicing if one gets to join its bandwagon. With the abundance of available fruits and vegetables and variations of juicers one can employ, getting good health from drinking juice can very well help people maintain their good health or get into good health.

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